Submit your VR Hardware & Accessories

Greetings to all Virtual Reality equipment manufacturers!

At VR-EXPERIENCE, we are delighted to offer the opportunity to review and evaluate your incredible hardware or accessory related to the world of Virtual Reality. We understand that quality and innovation are paramount in this field, and we are excited to share our expertise and opinions with our passionate community.

If you have Virtual Reality equipment that you would like us to review, here are the important details to consider before sending it:

  • The hardware or accessory should be directly related to the world of Virtual Reality.
  • Please note that the review process may take several weeks, as we take the necessary time to thoroughly evaluate the product and provide accurate feedback.
  • Kindly understand that the hardware sent will not be returned once we have received it.
  • In the event of receiving a defective product due to transportation, we will contact you to inform you about the issue, and we will not proceed with the review in that specific case.

At VR-EXPERIENCE, we value exceptional quality and performance. Our goal is to provide our community with helpful and honest feedback on Virtual Reality equipment, assisting users in making informed decisions when choosing products in this exciting field.

If you are ready to submit your Virtual Reality hardware or accessory for our professional review, we invite you to contact us to obtain further details regarding shipping and the steps to follow. Please ensure that you provide all relevant information about the product so that we can conduct a comprehensive evaluation.

Thank you for considering VR-EXPERIENCE as the destination for reviewing your Virtual Reality equipment. We are thrilled to collaborate with you and share our opinions with our online community.

We eagerly look forward to receiving your hardware and exploring the exciting innovations you have created in the world of Virtual Reality!

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Warm regards, The VR-EXPERIENCE Team